My engine management light has come on. What does this mean?
Firstly you need to check which light it is (View your Owners Handbook for dashboard illustration). The engine management light can be illuminated by many different faults. Pop down to the garage and our technicians will plug our vehicle diagnostics in and diagnose your fault.
How long before my plating renewal do I have to book my MOT?
The MOT can be only be booked up to 2 weeks prior to your NSL test date.
How far either side of a service can my mileage be?
You may have your service carried out up to 500 miles either side of the specified interval. If your service is carried out any earlier or later than this then you may invalidate your warranty.
What documents do I need for vehicle testing?
You need to take your V5 (Log book), previous Licence Certificate (Features hologram in top corner), MOT certifcate, Meter Certificate and previous Licence Plates.
When is my mid-year MOT due?
Your mid-year MOT is due up to 2 weeks prior to end of the 6 month period after your last Licence Plating date.
My tyres are wearing on one side only? What does this mean?
This could be more than one thing. It could potentially point to a suspension issue or may just require tracking.
I am looking to become a London Taxi Driver. Where do I start?
Service times vary. Check our Service page for more details.
How far either side of a service can my mileage be?
500 miles. Anything outside of this could void your warranty.
My passengers can hear me on the intercom but I cannot hear them. What could cause this?
Firstly you must check you haven't turned the "Balance" setting on your radio all the way to left. The intercom only comes out of the Front Right speaker. If this does not solve it you may have a more complicated electrical problem. Come down and let our technicians figure it out.

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